Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Fun!!

The turkey and ham were wonderful, as well as the pumpkin and chocolate chip pie.
Now for some time outside....Thanksgiving in the deep south means outside playtime..

Beep  Beep!!

Well, it is not the beach, but I really do like the sandbox now....Amazing how far she has first she would not even think about getting into the sandbox...

What would a "Southern Thanksgiving" be without some football..

Walker and his Dad were tossing it around.

He was certainly concentrating on something.

 Keep your eyes on the ball...

Outside time always means some bubble blowing, too...

Heather got the blowing action started.

Did not take Lilly long to get into the action

Look, Mammy, I caught it!!
Big brother Hampton, aka, "Bubba" was hanging around trying to get Lilly to show us her Karate moves...

When it all said and done...there is nothing like sharing good times with family.  Most of our family is away today with other family and friends and we missed them. Hope your turkey day was filled with family, friends, food and lots of love...

Brian, Heather, Hampton, Walker & Lilly

Randy & Donna

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