Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Journey Begins

The ancient Chinese Philosopher, Lao Tzu, is quoted, "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step".  While on the outside it might like look as if we have not take that one step, you only have to look closer to see how many steps have already been taken.  Where is this journey taking of all places..the birthplace of the ancient Philosopher...China.  That's right this "on the go" Mammy is heading to China.  I feel like Dora the Explorer heading out into uncharted areas hoping my trusty backpack, map and hidden clues will guide the way. Actually I don't have to worry about any of that as everything down to the smallest detail is being taken care of by seasoned professionals.

Sometime in the next few months, Randy and I will join our oldest daughter, Heather and her husband, Brian along with their 2 sons, Hampton & Walker to travel to Wuhan City, China.  Their precious daughter, Lilly awaits us there to join her forever family.  We are so excited and anxious to get there and finally put our arms around her and welcome her into our family.  She will be two and half years old by the time we get there.  Lilly has been living with a foster family following heart surgery in June of 2009.

The adoption process is a long and arduous one.  You just can't imagine all the paperwork that is involved.   Heather has compiled a huge notebook during the last 2 years.  Just think, about the time the process was begun, Lilly, was born and has been waiting for us to come get her.

We know she is the child God has planned for our family and this was confirmed to us by just her name.  Her name has always been going to be Lilly Rae.  Lilly because her Mom loves the name and Rae, for her precious Great-Grandmother, Rae Nance.  When we first saw her picture that Monday afternoon we immediately fell in love with her.  Her name is Wu Qi Hao (Shee Wha).  Wu because she was found in Wuhan City. Qi Hao means, may she grow as lovely as a flower (Lilly) and happily face the sun (Rae).  Now you tell me....did God not plan this child for our family?

So come with me as I take you "along for the ride".  I'm excited, scared, anxious and above all else trusting in the Lord to take care of us as we travel to China and back.


  1. We are so excited about following your journey as you are so close to beginning two weeks of unforgettable times and experiences. We have been whispering our prayers to God of our yearnings and willingness to return --where a part of my heart will always remain. It means so much to Randy and I that we now will share the depth and beauty of adoption with you all, Brian and Heather. Words will never ever begin to capture that depth and wonderment--so glad you all will always understand with us. We are eagerly awaiting with you. Much Love, Paula

  2. Follow your heart that is being pressed by God's own right hand and He will lead you straight to your Lilly! So excited for you all and so glad you get to travel on this exciting adventure too! Love, Kristie (was Winnie,
    now maiden name Chiles) : )