Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Package Has Arrived

Received the following e-mail from China this afternoon:

Dear Donna ;
I got your package this afternoon !!
Guess what,the staff from China Post Office copy my home address wrong ,they tried to deliver your package to another address two times ,that was why they never deliver your package to me...I went to China Post Office this afternoon and asked them why they were not honesty on your package delivery part, then they found that they made a mistake on my home address ...fortunately they sent me email about your package !!! I will mail your package out tomorrow ,love,Ann

So happy to learn they had sent the package back to us.  Now I can worry about whether or not Lilly will ever get the package.  We can only put our faith in the system to deliver it to her.  The Chinese New Year starts February 3rd and tradition says you should wear new clothes to celebrate, so Lilly should be all decked out with new pants, tops, socks, hats & gloves and she has a new doll, too.  Wish I could see her little face when she gets the package.  Every day we get one day closer to " Gotch Ya Day".

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