Sunday, February 27, 2011

Giraffes and other thoughts!

When Heather was a baby we lived in the house in town we called the "Stover House", because the Stover family built it in the 1930's.  We loved the house and yard and actually lived there almost 19 years and remodeled 3 times.  It had very small almost non existent closets, so in order to have somewhere to hang Heather's baby clothes I bought a wooden giraffe that had pegs.  It was pink and white and I used it for both girls. After our move to our present home the giraffe has been patiently waiting for a new home while stashed in the attic.

As you can see by the pictures the little giraffe, we must give her a name, has a new paint job and home.  Thanks to the wonderful talents of Kathy Love.  Kathy and I made a sneaky visit to Lilly's room a few weeks ago and actually came out with the paint chips that Heather had used to paint the room.  I cleaned up the giraffe and gave it a light sanding and sent her home with Kathy so she could do her magic.

 Wednesday I slipped her into Lilly's room while Heather was at school.  She looked right at home.  I wondered how long it would take Heather to see her.  Later that afternoon, Heather came into the kitchen at church beaming her beautiful smile and said, "I love the giraffe, and was just thinking several weeks ago that I needed to get the giraffe out of the attic and get it painted for Lilly's room".  Sometimes we Mama's do something right.

Now we just need our sweet Lilly in that room.  No news on the travel approval.  Maybe this week.  We read of another family that got their TA last week and their paperwork was filed after ours.  So we are getting anxious about what is the status of our TA.

Please continue to pray for our travel approval and for Lilly as we prepare to unite her with her "forever family".

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