Monday, March 7, 2011


After all these months of waiting, this past week has been one big blur.  After the phone call Monday alerting us to the possibility of traveling on March 17th things have gone into high gear with a great sense of hurry, hurry.

Heather got the call Wednesday confirming our March 30th appointment at the American Embassy at 10 AM.  That confirmed the 3-17 travel date.  I think we are all in shock at how quickly plans are falling into place.  One of our favorite blogs, Ni Hao Y'all, tells you to not wait until you get travel approval to start seriously planning your trip.  Things will happen very fast once you get your TA and boy she is right on the spot with that advice.

We received an e-mail with travel plans early Thursday, with a 7PM deadline to confirm the flights.  Originally they had us traveling to Beijing via Jacksonville, Minneapolis, Seattle, leaving Jax at 6 M.  After confirming these flights, we noticed another family from Lexington, KY, was traveling through Atlanta and meeting up with us in Seattle.  We called back and asked if we could travel through ATL?  No problem, so now we leave from JAX at around 11AM.  That is much better than a 3 hour layover in Minneapolis.

We will still be traveling about 24 hours arriving in Beijing at 9 PM (which is 9 AM our time) Friday night.  At least we will be tired when we get to the hotel, so maybe we can sleep/rest some.

Mammy, Alaina & Ella 
According to what we were told in our last phone conference call Lilly was probably taken to the orphanage in Wuhan City today.  I cry every time I think about that.  What must her little mind be thinking?  So much upheaval in her life in such a short time.  I just pray for God's love to be poured out onto her these next few days.

In the midst of all this we traveled to Miranda and JB's this past weekend to celebrate Ella's 3rd birthday.  Such a fun time with the girls.  They come creeping into our bedroom and climb into bed with us.  Ella tells us to "open the eyes".  She is the snuggle bunny.  They are full of questions about Lilly and when will she be here.  I don't think they can understand where she is and why is she not here yet.  I can't wait until all 5 grandchildren are all together.  Looks like that will happen Easter weekend when Will and the Campbell family will all be in Folkston.

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  1. How exciting. I see why you called this Hurry Hurry. How long is your layover in Atlanta?