Monday, March 14, 2011

A Little Pink Blanket

A little pink blanket is safely inside my luggage.  It is a silk satin blanket with a flannel lining, bordered by several rows of lace.  The little pink blanket is traveling to China to bring home the next Nance female child, our sweet Lilly Rae.

I bought the blanket from a children’s shop in Jacksonville called “Gram & Gramps” right before Heather was born in 1969.  The shop was on Park & King Street.  A sweet mother and her daughter owned the shop and I was a frequent customer for many years.  

I brought Heather home from Riverside Hospital on Father’s Day, June 15th, wrapped in the little pink blanket.  It stayed in the chest for almost 7 years before I wrapped Miranda in the blanket as we brought her home from the hospital in Brunswick on April 23rd, 1976.
I carried it to the hospital on March 22, 1980, but it stayed in the suitcase.  God blessed us with our son, Will, and somehow I did not think he would like to know he was brought home in a pink blanket. 

In early August 2005, a tiny little 3 lb. 14 oz Alaina Katherine Campbell left Henry County Medical Center wrapped in the little pink blanket.  It has been used one more time when Ella Marie Campbell left the same hospital in 2008.

All the girls’ names are embroidered in the corners and now it is on the way to Wuhan, China to bring home another little girl.  Heather will have it with her on Monday morning March 21st when she and Brian are handed their little girl. 

A family heirloom traveling around the world to become a part of a family tradition.  Wonder where it will go next time?

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