Sunday, May 1, 2011

Family time at Easter

Poppa & Ella at the playground

Hampton holding Alaina, Lilly, Walker holding Ella

Alaina at the top of the big slide.

As you can see it is hard to get 5 children ranging from age 15 to 2 to all look the same way and smile, but we tried.  Mainly it was just hard to get them to stop long enough to snap a picture.  Alaina was wiggling on Hampton who was battling a really bad sunburn via a day at the beach.  Ella wanted to sit on the seat and Lilly was just not sure what to make of all these blonde children.

The little girls all did really well playing together.  That does not mean there weren't some tears over sharing trikes and balls.  Ella was like but, that has always been my trike and I'm not sure I like sharing. Thank goodness I had the good idea to buy all new bubbles and bubble wands, goggles, swim mask, pool balls and dive toys for everyone.

Our Saturday started with Miranda & family going over early to meet Lilly.
JB & Miranda showing Lilly a toy from his Mom, Lee.

Ella, Alaina & Lilly

Poor Lilly we woke her up so she could meet more of her family before the shower.  So many changes and new things and people in her life.

After the shower (I'll cover that in a separate post) we changed into shorts and headed out to see Walker play baseball.  It was so hot, but we enjoyed the time outside and Miranda got to see lots of friends and their children.  In a small town everyone goes out to the ball fields to see the children play.

Walker hit it to the fence.

I just love baseball!

Watching the batter from first base.

After hot dogs, french fries and cokes for the kids, we stopped off for bar-b-cue sandwiches to benefit Dalton Luder and some pool time.  No pictures because Mammy was the only adult that braved the cool pool water.  As expected Lilly wanted no part of the pool at first, but as she sat with Mom and saw the other kids having fun she eventually let me take her into the pool.  Alaina and Ella are little water bugs and they had spent some time with LeeLee ( their other grandmother) and swam in her indoor pool.  It helps to keep kids in the water.  It was funny to me how Ella was not cold even though her lips were blue and her teeth chattering, but Lilly never shivered the first time.  Will thought he was going to have a quiet afternoon by the pool reading and catching some rays.  Not happening with 4 lively children around the pool.  Our day ended with steaks cooked on the charcoal grill.  Nothing better than having my family all together around the table sharing a meal.

No one had to be rocked to sleep that night, especially, "Mammy".

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  1. Ha Ha. That is Alaina wiggling on Hampton's lap. NOT his Aunt Miranda. :)